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Masaalo Ke Dabbe                                                                                                                by Santosh
Masaalo Ke Dabbe                                                                                                                by Santosh
Masaalo Ke Dabbe                                                                                                                by Santosh

Masaalo Ke Dabbe by Santosh

Jaipur Rug
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Size (ft.) 2'6x10

Santosh from Dhanota, Rajasthan is a 35 years old weaver who is driven by creativity and curiosity. During her childhood, she learned weaving rugs from her uncle though her parents always suggested her to focus on studies but that loom at her uncle’s house caught her heart and attention. Her journey with the loom started again after her marriage and it’s been 5 years since she has been weaving. She is a proud mother of two girls and one boy, all of them are school goers and she wishes to see them working at a big company someday.
Masaalo Ke Dabbe
The rug, Masaalo ke dabbe or the boxes of spice narrates an interesting tale of Santosh’s cooking station at the village. Santosh weaved little boxes of spice which adorn her favorite space, the kitchen. She loves cooking scrumptious food for her kids therefore; she spiced up her rug by weaving colorful boxes of spice all over. “I enjoyed weaving this rug, it was like magnifying every single knot on the rug such that it becomes clearly visible to all”, she explains with a beautiful smile on her face.


  • 50% Wool 50% Bamboo Silk
  • LES-447 - Antique White / Ensign Blue
  • Modern
  • Hand Knotted
  • Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped in fibers.
  • If spills occur, blot immediately. Do not rub the stain.
  • Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
  • Use protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening and piling.
  • If thread comes out do not pull the yarn, trim with scissor.
  • Periodic professional cleaning recommended